Vesta signed to Etenee Records

IMG_24011_2 copyWe are very pleased to announce that Vesta has signed a Record deal with Etenee Records. Etenee Records is a sublabel of Warner Music Finland, run by the producer/A&R Perttu Mäkelä a.k.a DJPP. Etenee Records is working with some of the most successful artist in the Finnish music scene, such as Vesala and Stig. VILD Music will continue as Vesta’s management. Congratulations Vesta!


View: “Trippin’ Sober” Music Video out now!

We are proud to present the official music video for View’s recently released single Trippin’ Sober. It is the second single release from View’s forthcoming debut album. You can watch the video below.

The song is a description of the creative atmosphere that View has working in studio, and at the same time a statement against artists who can’t reach a creative state of mind without the help of intoxicants.

The music video for Trippin’ Sober was filmed in a Parisian suburb. “Local drug dealers interrupted our filming on many occasions. They told us that filming at the location was simply not all right. Of course at first we didn’t listen to them, but by the third time they came to tell us these guys had become so intimidating that we really had no choice but to say ok”, View says.

The video was directed by Matti Vesanen from Veli Creative.

View’s music is all about breaking traditional rules and patterns. View’s unique vocals and futuristic production sum up to a recognizable and fresh take on what hiphop sounds like on 2017. View was picked 2nd in “Future Dozen 2016” poll operated by big Finnish music media Rumba and YleX. Since he started doing concerts in early 2016 View has been performing in the UK, Denmark and Germany. In Finland the rapper has performed at almost all the big summer festivals such as Flow, Ruisrock, Blockfest and Provinssirock. View also recently signed a record deal with German Cargo Records, who will release the forthcoming album in the German-speaking Europe and the Benelux countries.

View_Promo2017_HenriJuvonen_1486 (1)

New video for White Balance single “Girl”

Premiered by One Quart Magazine, here is the official video for White Balance’s single Girl.

The video for Girl was shot in an empty swimming hall. Just like the song, it depicts the easiness of losing yourself in the world around you. “The girls on the video are in fact my best friends. I wanted to show the people who continuously remind me of who I am,” the singer Maaria Nuoranne says.

The video was directed by Juho Länsiharju.

Girl is a song full of hope, capturing how you shouldn’t be afraid of life. It was released by VILD Recordings on March 3rd 2017, and has since been featured on various playlists on Spotify and on major radio stations (YleX).

White Balance is a Helsinki based electropop duo comprising of vocalist Maaria Nuoranne and producer Ilari Heinilä. Their music takes you to a world where danceable, pulsating beats meet comforting vocals and dreamy melodies. Combining elements all the way from chill-wave to electropop, White Balance has a crispy sound of its own and belongs to the Scandinavian newcomers worth keeping an eye on.

White Balance
White Balance

“White Balance are a fusion of opposites: dreamy melodies and hard-hitting beats, softly enticing songwriting and devastating lyrics.”
– Robin Murray / Clash

Sätilä’s music video for “Always Will” out today

We are proud to present the official music video for Sätilä’s debut single Always Will. The video was directed and filmed by Markus Kontiainen, a talented storyteller who has worked with Finnish companies such as Finnair and Marimekko as well as filming videos for the band Lake Jons. You can watch the video below.

“I had the amazing privilege to work with Markus Kontiainen. It was so cold but a lot of fun. We started the two-day shootings with sauna, of course,” Teemu Sätilä describes the session.

The single is off to a good start. So far it has been featured on all the Nordic Countries’ and Canada’s New Music Friday playlists, and on various other playlists on Spotify and YleX. Within the first week it has already streamed 30 000 times at Spotify.

Sätilä 1 by Ashley Schulman
Sätilä by Ashley Schulman

First festivals for the summer announced!

Vesta Provinssi

We are excited to tell you that this year’s first festival shows have been announced for our artists. Check out what we got so far!

Vesta will be performing at Provinssi, Ruisrock and Flow Festival.

View will play at Tallin Music Week and RMJ. They will also do a few shows abroad this spring in Europe.

16.3. Clermont-ferrand, FRANCE


6.4. Geneva, SWITZERLAND


View RMJ

Phantom returns with “Dance”, premiered by The Line of Best Fit

Phantom - Dance / VILD031
Picture: Susanna Majuri

The Line of Best Fit premiered Phantom’s single Dance, due to be released internationally tomorrow on the 20th of January via VILD Recordings. Dance is taken from Phantom’s debut album MMXII, which will be released internationally on the 24th of February 2017.

“On the track “Dance” you can hear echoes of The xx’s polished sound, but what stands out more is the twisted electronic goth pulse which recalls jj – and then gets pulled in an altogether more soulful direction by classically-trained Toivonen’s powerful vocal. The scattered beats add an unsettling edge, never allowing a familiar or comforting pattern to emerge. It’s a wonderful track and almost worth waiting all this time for.”
– Andrew Hannah / The Line of Best Fit

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Phantomin kauan odotettu MMXII-debyyttialbumi on täällä!

Phantom MMXII Cover Art by Tekla Valy
Cover Art by Tekla Vály

Helsinkiläinen elektro-duo Phantom julkaisee kauan odotetun debyyttialbuminsa.

YleX:n Viikon albumina ollut MMXII on raporttikirjelmä alieneilta maan asukkaille. Se on aikakauden heijastus, peilikuva ihmismielen kymmentuhatvuotisesta murrosiästä. Se on rakkauden ja luopumisen prosessi. Se on taitoa toimia sydämen silmästä osaten vastata vastuuseen.

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Albumi on kahden taidetta, teknologiaa, musiikkia, kirjallisuutta ja luontoa rakastavan rakkauslapsi, elämän elämisen rakkauden hedelmä, niin myötä- kuin vastoinkäymisissä. MMXII on omistettu kaikille niille sydäntä riipiville kauhuille, jännityksille, pettymyksille, hurmioituneille iloille, rakkauksille ja innostuksille, joita olemme kohdanneet. Kaikelle, jonka olemme jättäneet taaksemme, ja kaikelle joka on vielä kohdattavana. Kuolemille ja syntymille, särkyneille sydämille ja paikalleen loksahtaneille palasille tuhansien sirpaleiksi särkymisten jälkeen.” – Phantom

Phantom on laulaja/lauluntekijä Hanna Toivosen sekä tuottaja Tommi Koskisen yhtye, joka on luonut jazz-vaikutteista trip hopia ja elektroniseen musiikkiin taipuvaista vaihtoehtoista poppia vuodesta 2012. Duon debyyttialbumi kertookin tarinoita matkasta tähän päivään, menneestä ja tulevasta.

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Koria Kitten Riot releases new single The Laughing Man

We are happy to announce that Koria Kitten Riot will be joining VILD Recordings and their new single ‘The Laughing Man’ is released today.

The Laughing Man is a song about envy. It’s about that one supreme guy who always succeeds wherever you fail, the one who never grows old and is not afraid of anything. Musically, it’s a short and simple, to-the-point pop song – and as such, a rather typical specimen of the whole new album.” explains Antti Reikko.

The Laughing Man is available on
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The Laughing Man is taken from the band’s upcoming fourth album, due to be released later this year.

Based in Helsinki, the indie rock band have tie-dyed their guitar pop sound with a 60s folk rock flavour and good-old-fashioned harmony singing. With its lyrics traveling between planets throughout the universe, the album’s themes are intertwined with hope and science.

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Koria_Kitten_Riot_2016_square_BW by Otso Reunanen
Photo by Otso Reunanen

‘Let Me Be Your Man’ by Sofa Pets is out now!

Let Me Be Your Man Cover Art by Tekla Vály
Cover Art by Tekla Vály

’Let Me Be Your Man’ is a story about a boy revealing himself to reach the unreachable. The moment when you realize that you might have a chance for the right one, happens in a split second. ‘Let Me Be Your Man’ is a charming pop tune, starting off with a playful guitar and continuing with a subtle vibe of rhythmic psych pop. The song crystallizes in the uplifting chorus when you can hear a sincere request from a boy to a girl. The track is the first single from the forthcoming debut album and due to be released on April 1st.

Check out the song below:

The idea for ‘Let Me Be Your Man’ originally sprang up over two years ago. I was casually playing my guitar, taking my own sweet time, goofing around. Still, it took a while for me to fine-tune it. We tried to arrange the song with the Pets for our first EP, but it didn’t feel right. It seems that the song also took its own time, from which I’m really happy about – now it feels more special. 

I’ve always been keen on songs that combines pop sensibility with somehow odd elements. Songs that have a strange and absorbing undertone, without losing their catchiness. I feel that ‘Let Me Be Your Man’ has that kind of nature, even though it’s a simple pop song. It’s about a boy reaching for the unreachable, being honest and open. That’s how we, the Pets, are performing our music – with sincerity and passion.” – Anssi / Sofa Pets

Let Me Be Your Man‘ is out now and available on
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15.6.2016 Lepakkomies (with Love Sport & Merries) / Helsinki

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