Koria Kitten Riot releases new single The Laughing Man

We are happy to announce that Koria Kitten Riot will be joining VILD Recordings and their new single ‘The Laughing Man’ is released today.

The Laughing Man is a song about envy. It’s about that one supreme guy who always succeeds wherever you fail, the one who never grows old and is not afraid of anything. Musically, it’s a short and simple, to-the-point pop song – and as such, a rather typical specimen of the whole new album.” explains Antti Reikko.

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The Laughing Man is taken from the band’s upcoming fourth album, due to be released later this year.

Based in Helsinki, the indie rock band have tie-dyed their guitar pop sound with a 60s folk rock flavour and good-old-fashioned harmony singing. With its lyrics traveling between planets throughout the universe, the album’s themes are intertwined with hope and science.

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Koria_Kitten_Riot_2016_square_BW by Otso Reunanen
Photo by Otso Reunanen

‘Let Me Be Your Man’ by Sofa Pets is out now!

Let Me Be Your Man Cover Art by Tekla Vály
Cover Art by Tekla Vály

’Let Me Be Your Man’ is a story about a boy revealing himself to reach the unreachable. The moment when you realize that you might have a chance for the right one, happens in a split second. ‘Let Me Be Your Man’ is a charming pop tune, starting off with a playful guitar and continuing with a subtle vibe of rhythmic psych pop. The song crystallizes in the uplifting chorus when you can hear a sincere request from a boy to a girl. The track is the first single from the forthcoming debut album and due to be released on April 1st.

Check out the song below:

The idea for ‘Let Me Be Your Man’ originally sprang up over two years ago. I was casually playing my guitar, taking my own sweet time, goofing around. Still, it took a while for me to fine-tune it. We tried to arrange the song with the Pets for our first EP, but it didn’t feel right. It seems that the song also took its own time, from which I’m really happy about – now it feels more special. 

I’ve always been keen on songs that combines pop sensibility with somehow odd elements. Songs that have a strange and absorbing undertone, without losing their catchiness. I feel that ‘Let Me Be Your Man’ has that kind of nature, even though it’s a simple pop song. It’s about a boy reaching for the unreachable, being honest and open. That’s how we, the Pets, are performing our music – with sincerity and passion.” – Anssi / Sofa Pets

Let Me Be Your Man‘ is out now and available on
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Upcoming shows:
5.4.2016 Siltanen (with 23:23)/ Helsinki
15.6.2016 Lepakkomies (with Love Sport & Merries) / Helsinki

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Phantom releases new single Over!

Phantom is the haunting project of singer-songwriter Hanna Toivonen and producer/sound designer Tommi Koskinen, who have been creating cinematic, jazz-influenced trip-hop and electronic-inflected alternative pop since 2012.

Over was written by Hanna whilst waiting for a twisted ankle to recover. The track features the duo’s trademark dark and ominous sound. Repetitive synths, samples and echoing percussion provide a backdrop for her clear, powerful voice, with Tommi’s drum patterns taking on an almost tribal feel as the song builds to an overwhelming crescendo.

“Over is a song about dangerous stillness that can make one a hostage, whether in a relationship, a job or a seemingly (‘dressed up as’) worthy but very destructive situation, one can become a junkie of. It is about losing the ability to response truthfully to yourself. And locking yourself in a treadmill of anxiety that has seemingly somewhat more comfortable seating, while blocking yourself out of your own real senses, losing each sense, one by one.”

– Hanna // Phantom

Cover Art by Tekla Vály
Cover Art by Tekla Vály

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Free Download: View – Lace ft. LCMDF (Somepoe Remix)

So yeah, we’re giving you guys a super sweet treat! The first remix from View‘s single Lace ft. LCMDF, reworked by Somepoe, is now available as a free download on Soundcloud! The remix gives the song a bit more groove and respects the original by staying in the chillwave territory.

Originally from Oulu, Somepoe has been very active through the years. He studied at the Red Bull Music Acadamy in New York and has already toured the world with some bigger names like Just Blaze and Benji B. His music has also been heard abroad, e.g. on BBC Radio 1 and Beats 1.

Somepoe promo

View joins Fullsteam Agency

We are happy to see the team around View growing. View has decided to join Fullsteam Agency and his future bookings will be taken care by Fullsteam Agency’s agent/promoter Jussi Laine. Congratulations!

Jussi Laine
+358 40 185 1205

VIEW promo 5 by Henri Juvonen

Photo: Henri Juvonen

Tulevaisuuden tusinan menestyjät

Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?

Jane Fonda VHS press3 by Heidi Kero

Kuva: Heidi Kero

Hyvät uutiset jatkuvat! Tänään 14.10. julkistetun Tulevaisuuden tusinan joukossa on kaksi VILDin tallissa olevaa yhtyettä. Rumban sekä YleX:n masinoiman Tulevaisuuden tusinan äänestävät musiikkialan ammattilaiset sekä innokkaimmat harrastajat heidän mielestään varteenotettavimmista artisti- ja yhtyetulokkaista.

Äänestyksessä ensimmäiseksi tullut kouvolalainen Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?:ltä julkaistiin syyskuussa Teenage Sweetheart -debyyttialbumi yhteistyössä Airiston Punk-levyjen kanssa. Rumban haastattelussa Ekku, Susse ja Pitu iloitsevat mm. Soundin 5 tähden levyarviosta ja pohtivat ulkomaanvalloitusta.


VIEW promo 6 by Henri Juvonen

Kuva: Henri Juvonen

Tummalla ja matalalla äänellä sekä sulavalla flow’lla rääppäävä View tuli äänestyksessä toiseksi. Kovassa nosteessa olevat Juuso Ruohonen ja tuottaja Joonas Laaksoharju julkaisivat Avalon EP:n omakustanteena 2. lokakuuta. Alkuvuodesta ilmestyneet sinkut Avalon sekä Spill ft. Noah Kin herättivät huomion Suomen musiikkimedioissa. Myös EP sekä viimeisin single Lace ft. LCMDF ovat saaneet erinomaisen vastaanoton niin Suomessa kuin maailmalla.

Rumban artikkelissa molemmat ovat mielissään siitä, että heidän musiikkinsa jakaa mielipiteitä – erityisesti Ruohosen mielestä se on hyvä juttu. Artikkelissa Ruohonen ja Laaksoharju kertovat mm. vaikutteistaan, tulevaisuuden suunnitelmistaan ja Suomen räppipiirien vastaanotosta.

Anteeksi – new single by Vesta

Vesta - Anteeksi kansi

Cover Art: Andre Pozusis

Vesta’s new single Anteeksi continues with the same theme as her previous singles, love. Third single release shows Vesta’s more outgoing side despite the fact that the story is a lot darker. You can easily recognize your own experiences from the joys of falling in love, the wide spectre of feelings and the difficulty of loving whilst the song Anteeksi carries you away.

Listen the song below:


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Phenomenal Creature releases Bare made EP

Cover Art: Joona Mäkelä & Minerva Juolahti


Bass drum sawn in half.
Dead flies in a cello case and worn out sneakers.
On a calm sea the tones of longing and the taste of bittersweet.


With their new release Phenomenal Creature fills hearts with scenes of melancholy and yearning. The band’s third record Bare made builds upon the atmosphere of the previous albums. Recorded during spring 2014 Bare made will now finally see the daylight.

Listen the EP below:

Bare made EP is available at

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6.10.2015 Cafe Mascot, release gig