Dallas Kalevala release a sparkling pop anthem ‘Moon Makes Me Happy’


We are excited to announce that Dallas Kalevala are releasing their second official single ‘Moon Makes Me Happy’ today!

‘Moon Makes Me Happy’ is a sparkling pop-anthem about passion, lust and quilt. It tells how a one single blink of an eye could tear down everything. It’s not about the sun – it’s all about the moon.

It’s been said some songs write itself. This is definitely the one. I don’t even remember us writing this. It just appeared in the studio. Couple of fresh pots, few hours tracking and there it was. Lyricwise happened exactly same. It’s a strong story so we cut the bullshit and just sang. Simply the best,” describes Ville Malja.

Photo by Antti Sepponen

Dallas Kalevala is fierce subarctic pop music. It floats naked among Iggy Pop and Justice on a cool summer night.

Ville Malja and Jussi Matikainen have been working on new music in various places, including Berlin, Reykjavik and Kokemäki, to name just a few. The journey they have taken has provoked them to discard safe old routines and find new surprising paths.

“The feeling of being an outsider has always troubled me and has not gotten any easier over the years. Luckily it generates creativity instead of apathy. After the sixth Lapko album I started to feel that I have to rush off into an adventure on my own and start a new band. I found Jussi waiting in the same corridor and together we bought a pile of airline tickets and are now driving fast into the sunrise with a crystal clear vision in the windshield,” Malja explains. ”Dallas Kalevala is the melting pot for the east and the west, leather and linen, bitter and sweet. It combines Carelian lament singers with Coca Cola.”

Dallas Kalevala is currently finalizing their new songs with the Teosto-rewarded producer Niko Liinamaa, also known as Kalifornia Keke. The band recently signed a management deal with VILD Music, who will also release the first singles from the upcoming album on their label VILD Recordings.

The release will set to follow a performance at one of the biggest Finnish summer festivals, Ruisrock and the band’s first club show tour, taking in 11 dates from Helsinki, all the way up to the northern capital Oulu. Live the band extends to a three piece group when bass player Maria Rantanen joins Malja and Matikainen on stage.

Announced Shows:

8.7. Ruisrock, Turku
15.7. Ilosaarirock / Jatkoklubi, Joensuu
29.7. Qstock, Oulu
15.9. Suistoklubi, Hämeenlinna
22.9. Tavastia, Helsinki
29.9. Cafe Bar Höpö, Nakkila
30.9. Pannuhuone, Kuopio
5.10. Lost in Music, Tampere
19.10. Gong, Turku
20.10. 45 Special, Oulu
21.10. Musta Kynnys, Jyväskylä