Faenimal Arm release their debut EP today!

Faenimal Arm’s debut EP, released today via VILD Recordings, combines big and bold sound to a magical atmosphere and beautiful pop melodies. The EP is an experimental band record from a duo that has a strong voice of its own. It’s been recorded in the midst of Helsinki’s dark and cold winter, which one can hear from its decadent undertones.

Faenimal Arm EP Cover Art by Jonathan Ben-Ami
EP’s opening track Stars is a nearly 10 year old composition from Faenimal Arm’s compositor Emil Järnefelt. Stars has been waiting for the right time, band and version, and its current form offers a massive opening to this record. The other songs, singles Industrial Sex and Johnny Boy, as well as the ambient pop track Death Dub, are new material.

In addition to the duo Mia Ojapalo and Emil Järnefelt, band’s live guitarist Markus Nymalm participated closely to the recording sessions. The record has been mixed by Julius Mauranen and mastered by Jaakko Virtalähde. The album artwork is by Nick Tulinen and Jonathan Ben-Ami.

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