Jaakko Aukusti releases new single Kiasma!

Kiasma is the first single from Jaakko Aukusti’s upcoming debut album, due to be released in January 2016.

The song tries to capture the feeling you get, when you listen to a cheesy ballad over and over again on repeat, on a way-too-hot summer day. It’s a love song written to no one – someone you saw on the street or in a daydream but was already gone when you’ve mastered the courage to even say ”hi”. For three minutes it takes you to virtual reality; a pixelated and rainbow-colored place, where you can try to pause and rewind the moment.

Listen below:

Kiasma can be streamed and bought digitally from the following services:

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Jaakko Aukusti 5 by Jelena Candolin
Photo by Jelena Candolin