Jaakko Aukusti releases new single Oasis!

Jaakko Aukusti - Oasis / VILD034
Cover Art by Jaakko Aukusti

Jaakko Aukusti’s new single ‘Oasis’ is now available worldwide! The track follows the footsteps of his previous releases like ‘Shadow Boxer’, ‘Himalaya‘ and ‘Volcano EP‘.

‘Oasis’ is the second single of Jaakko Aukusti’s debut album due to be released in January 2017. It’s a pop song the size of a tidal wave created in Jaakko Aukusti and producer Artturi Taira’s studio cave.

Jaakko Aukusti explains that “the song gives the listener a false sense of comfort – a breather with agile bass lines and lyrics of juvenile escapism before suddenly reverting to an overwhelming explosion of a chorus that runs you over like a pack of agitated horses. It’s a mixture of things to be listened in a club on a Saturday night and things to be listened shouting on a mountaintop.”

The new single ‘Oasis’ is also accompanied with a remix by Hisser – the remix suits well to be played at a rave in a cave or on a trip to outer space. “It’s a cool flipside-of-the-coin-type of song with aggressive and primitive drums blasting against the delicate vocals” tells Jaakko Aukusti.

Check out the tracks below:

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2.9.2016 – Kissojen Yö / Korkeasaari, Helsinki
23.9.2016 – G Livelab, Helsinki

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