Phantom releases new single Over!

Phantom is the haunting project of singer-songwriter Hanna Toivonen and producer/sound designer Tommi Koskinen, who have been creating cinematic, jazz-influenced trip-hop and electronic-inflected alternative pop since 2012.

Over was written by Hanna whilst waiting for a twisted ankle to recover. The track features the duo’s trademark dark and ominous sound. Repetitive synths, samples and echoing percussion provide a backdrop for her clear, powerful voice, with Tommi’s drum patterns taking on an almost tribal feel as the song builds to an overwhelming crescendo.

“Over is a song about dangerous stillness that can make one a hostage, whether in a relationship, a job or a seemingly (‘dressed up as’) worthy but very destructive situation, one can become a junkie of. It is about losing the ability to response truthfully to yourself. And locking yourself in a treadmill of anxiety that has seemingly somewhat more comfortable seating, while blocking yourself out of your own real senses, losing each sense, one by one.”

– Hanna // Phantom

Cover Art by Tekla Vály
Cover Art by Tekla Vály

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