Avalon EP by View out now!

View Avalon EP Cover Art

Cover Art: Jenni Salonen & Miika Laihi

VILD Management’s newest addition, View, is a 23-year-old Finnish rapper from Helsinki, Finland. His hypnotic and mystical sound in addition to his charismatic voice, has been noticed by the media in Finland and abroad. He released his first single Avalon in January and his upcoming EP carries the same name. Avalon EP will be released on October 2, 2015. With his producer, Joonas Laaksoharju; who has made a name for himself in the urban districts of producing, they have made their independent release Avalon EP.

Listen the EP below:


The last single from the EP is titled Lace and it features LCMDF. View states that the song is about finding yourself and your identity. It’s a story about survival – the song tells about the time View was fighting depression. Lace is a collaboration made with LCMDF – the artists wanted to mix two completely different music styles and found it intriguing to break boundaries and experience.

View wanted to create an ambitious music video for the song so they ended up doing a short film. The video brakes into 2 parts, both introducing different themes. The first part sets up the mood and also introduces 2 other songs from the EP. The second part focuses on the same themes as Lace – darkness and strong emotions.

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