Dallas Kalevala – Animal Magnetism out now!

Dallas Kalevala - Animal Magnetism Cover Art by Ville Malja
Cover art by Ville Malja

We are excited to announce that Dallas Kalevala will release their first official single Animal Magnetism today May 5th 2017.

Animal Magnetism is a positively charged outburst of the animal within. The post modern human being is a medley of evergrowing conscious layers and the longing for the intuitive, living substance and immorality.
Animal Magnetism is the first song that Jussi Matikainen and Ville Malja wrote together, and it paved the way for Dallas Kalevala’s first steps.

“The birth of Animal Magnetism was not in any way premeditated. It surfaced with no difficulty, with the ease of an airbubble rising up. Before we wrote the song, Jussi told me that there is something interesting brewing. Right after the first demo I felt like we are facing something complitely new. As for the melodies and lyrics, we aimed to combine classic rock and 90s eurodance with the harsh spiritual conditions of the arctic nature. We strived to make music for the 2020s. The song became this crunchy, full-on crazy psychedelic pop-trip”, Malja describes.

Photo by Antti Sepponen

Dallas Kalevala is fierce subarctic pop music. It floats naked among Iggy Pop and Justice on a cool summer night.

Ville Malja and Jussi Matikainen have been working on new music in various places, including Berlin, Reykjavik and Kokemäki, to name just a few. The journey they have taken has provoked them to discard safe old routines and find new surprising paths.

“The feeling of being an outsider has always troubled me and has not gotten any easier over the years. Luckily it generates creativity instead of apathy. After the sixth Lapko album I started to feel that I have to rush off into an adventure on my own and start a new band. I found Jussi waiting in the same corridor and together we bought a pile of airline tickets and are now driving fast into the sunrise with a crystal clear vision in the windshield,” Malja explains. ”Dallas Kalevala is the melting pot for the east and the west, leather and linen, bitter and sweet. It combines Carelian lament singers with Coca Cola.”

Dallas Kalevala is currently finalizing their new songs with the Teosto-rewarded producer Niko Liinamaa, also known as Kalifornia Keke. The band recently signed a management deal with VILD Music, who will also release the first singles from the upcoming album on their label VILD Recordings.

Announced Shows:
8.7. Ruisrock

Sätilä joins VILD Recordings!

Sätilä 1 by Ashley Schulman
Photo by Ashley Schulman

We are happy to welcome singer-songwriter Teemu Sätilä to join our label. Sätilä combines alternative and folk rock with catchy melodies creating a danceable balance between melancholic reflection and hopefulness. Currently based in the southern city of Turku, Finland, Sätilä started writing songs at the age of 7 after learning the piano. After studying songwriting in Sydney, Australia and returning to Finland, Sätilä released his anthemic debut single Future Now in June 2015. The independently released single was noticed by YleX (Finnish equivalent of BBC Radio 1) and Spotify Finland as well as Spotify Sweden.

Vild Recordings is releasing Sätilä’s first official double single Always Will on March 10th 2017.

Cover art by Joonas Tsokkinen

Jaakko Aukusti returns with a new track “Moon Tower”


“Moon Tower is sunny, effects-laden psych-pop of the highest order.”
– The Line of Best Fit

Premiered by The Line of Best Fit, the new Jaakko Aukusti single Moon Tower is the third single release from Jaakko Aukusti’s forthcoming debut album Mountain, due to be released January 20th 2017.

Moon Tower meddles with the themes of settling down, early-20’s-anxiety and convincing yourself you’re exactly where you need to be.

The song was originally an almost baroque-pop piece with tons of nylon-string acoustic guitars and loads of handclaps, but that version never ”took off”, so to say. In the studio with producer Artturi Taira the acoustic guitar tracks were cut up and driven through some effects and a sequencer – creating the hyperactive yet hypnotic cyborg-esque guitar loop that drives the track forward. With the loop as a guideline the song took a new form and arranged itself around the will of the guitar, diving boldly into the place where Simon & Garfunkel shake hands with the guys from Animal Collective and the guy who did all the soundtracks to all the best SNES videogames,” Jaakko Aukusti describes.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Photo: Jelena Candolin

Hailing from Turku, Finland, Jaakko Aukusti is a musician-multi-instrumentalist who makes sort-of-pop-ish music coloured with playful arrangements and unconventional song structures. His debut EP, Volcano, was released via VILD Recordings early in 2015. The single Shadow Boxer claimed loads of radio attention in Finland and stirred music enthusiasts also abroad in publications like Indie Shuffle.

Jaakko Aukusti’s previous single releases Kiasma, Himalaya and Oasis caught the attention from the likes of Clash, The Line of Best Fit, All Things Go and Fame Magazine and also tons of smaller music blogs around Europe and U.S.A.

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20.01.2017 Record release @ Dynamo, Turku / FI
21.01.2017 Record release @ Kuudes Linja, Helsinki / FI
02.02.2017 Live on MARS @ Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki / FI

White Balance’s new single “Home”

COVER ART: Juho Länsiharju

White Balance are releasing their new single Home and the premier of the song was on Clash Music yesterday.

Home is a song that captures a moment of isolation. It’s like those childhood summers when you forgot which day or what time it was, and you could hide yourself from the world. “We were in the countryside when this song was written, and I started feeling like that again. It’s both soothing and agonizing at the same time”, Maaria, the singer of White Balance, says.

The video of Home is coming out soon too!

White Balance’s upcoming shows
09.11.2016 Elmun Baari, Helsinki / FI

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Van Dammes’ new track “Thunderbirds Are Go”

COVER ART: Eemeli Rimpiläinen

Van Dammes‘ new track Thunderbirds Are Go is the first release from their upcoming EP. The new single of Van Dammes tells the story of Alan Tracy, the youngest member of the life-saving organisation Thunderbirds. Alan wants to go to the nightclub to see Cliff Richard play and kiss Lady Penelope but tonight it is his turn to remain on standby. Van Dammes present their view of the young man’s odyssey in their new song Thunderbirds Are Go.

The music video of the song is coming out soon too!

Van Dammes’ upcoming shows
06.10.2016 Lost in Music, Tampere / FI

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Noah Kin and View’s newest collaboration “Mayhem”

Cover Art by Eino Manner

Mayhem is the newest collaboration from Noah Kin, View and producer Joonas Laaksoharju. The track is featured in Flowers of Evil – a new Finnish film directed by Antti J. Jokinen. Mayhem is due to be released on September 30th via VILD Recordings.

Mayhem describes the whole film perfectly with its oppressive and suffocating feeling. Noah Kin and View both had the same thoughts and feelings about the subject of the film and song, both of them are dealing with the issues they have faced in their youth from violence to anxiety. “The subject matter of the film spoke to me and deals with issues that I have been concerned with for as long as I remember. After you remove the possibility to learn, create and live from talented and creative young people, what is left behind? The survival instinct,” Noah Kin explains. “Everyone has their own skeletons in their closets and to me, Mayhem is one of them,” View adds.

The new track is the second collaboration from Noah Kin and View. Spill has already gathered a great amount of streams. In both Mayhem and Spill, you can hear the attitude that neither one of the artists lack of.

Check out the new song from below

View’s upcoming shows
06.10.16 Lost in Music, Tampere / FI
08.10.16 Lost in Music, Tampere / FI
15.10.16 Lekker, Tallinna / EE
22.10.16 Bar Finnegans, Tuusula / FI
04.11.16 Yo-Talo, Tampere / FI
01.12.16 Henry’s Pub, Helsinki / FI

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Noah Kin’s upcoming shows
12.10.16 Linnanmäki Valokarnevaali, Helsinki / FI
17.11.16 Scope Festival, Berliini / DE
18.11.16 Les Boreales, Caen / FR

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Jaakko Aukusti releases new single Oasis!

Jaakko Aukusti - Oasis / VILD034
Cover Art by Jaakko Aukusti

Jaakko Aukusti’s new single ‘Oasis’ is now available worldwide! The track follows the footsteps of his previous releases like ‘Shadow Boxer’, ‘Himalaya‘ and ‘Volcano EP‘.

‘Oasis’ is the second single of Jaakko Aukusti’s debut album due to be released in January 2017. It’s a pop song the size of a tidal wave created in Jaakko Aukusti and producer Artturi Taira’s studio cave.

Jaakko Aukusti explains that “the song gives the listener a false sense of comfort – a breather with agile bass lines and lyrics of juvenile escapism before suddenly reverting to an overwhelming explosion of a chorus that runs you over like a pack of agitated horses. It’s a mixture of things to be listened in a club on a Saturday night and things to be listened shouting on a mountaintop.”

The new single ‘Oasis’ is also accompanied with a remix by Hisser – the remix suits well to be played at a rave in a cave or on a trip to outer space. “It’s a cool flipside-of-the-coin-type of song with aggressive and primitive drums blasting against the delicate vocals” tells Jaakko Aukusti.

Check out the tracks below:

Upcoming shows:

2.9.2016 – Kissojen Yö / Korkeasaari, Helsinki
23.9.2016 – G Livelab, Helsinki

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Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? announce UK tour for October 2016!

Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? announce their first ever UK tour for October 2016.

Tour dates:
Saturday 22nd, Oct / Headrow House, Leeds
Sunday 23rd, Oct / SWN Festival, Cardiff – tickets
Monday 24th, Oct / Latest Music Bar, Brighton – tickets
Tuesday 25th, Oct / The Cellar, Oxford – tickets
Wednesday 26th Oct / Purple Turtle, Reading – FREE
Thursday 27th, Oct / Ja Ja Ja, Lexington, London

Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? have been already touring around Europe this year. Among some smaller club shows in Germany and Netherlands, they played festivals like The Great Escape (UK), Eurosonic (NL), Roskilde (DK), Europavox (FR) and Pohoda (SK).

“Imagine Courtney Love covering Plastic Bertrand’s Ça Plane Pour Moi and you have a pretty good insight into the bands modus operandi. HYESTJFAV? combine the sound and energy of 60s garage rock and girl groups with a real sense of joyful abandon.” – The Line of Best Fit

“HYESTJFAVHS? recordings may have a shambolic charm, all the edges fuzzed out with loose playing and distortion, but live they’re whip smart and super tight, fizzing through their set with a precision that belies their slacker appearance. It’s one of the best things I witness all weekend.”Drowned in Sound

“The wild, loud, fuck-it-I’ll-just-have-a-beer-and-dance-a-bit vibe is clearly transmitted, and got the crowd dancing the last time they played in Denmark, at Roskilde Festival.”Bitchslap Magazine

Jaakko Aukusti joins Alt Agency!

Photo by Stone Films
Photo by Stone Films

We are happy to announce that Jaakko Aukusti will be joining Alt Agency. Jaakko Aukusti’s new booking agent is Marko Nikula, who also works for Yakuzi Pato, Risto, Sara and Freeweights.

Marko Nikula
marko (a) altagency.fi
Alt Agency

Jaakko Aukusti is currently working on his debut album, with the art pop wizard Artturi Taira from Rubik. Jaakko Aukusti’s music is full of colorful arrangements and unconventional song structures. Jaakko Aukusti’s latest single, Himalaya, was released March 4th and the single caught attention from e.g. The Line Of Best Fit and Clash Magazine.