Dallas Kalevala release their self titled debut album today!

DallasKalevala by Kerttu Malinen

Subarctic, Helsinki based pop duo Dallas Kalevala are releasing their debut album today January 18th via VILD Recordings and Svart Records.
The self-titled album is a journey into the human imagination, to its deepest and darkest chambers – filled with vile and liberated subconsciousness. But also full of moments that remind us how fragile and beautiful our minds are, endangered to shatter even of the lightest breeze.

Comprised of Ville Malja and Jussi Matikainen, both members of the acclaimed Finnish alt-rock group Lapko, the act explains… ”This is the sound of Finland 2019. It’s a collision of Sex And The City and Sigmund Freud. It’s air jerking at the supermarket. A line of dirty gasoline on the surface of a silent lake. Our plan was to quickly wrap up an album, pack the car and start touring. Instead of that, it took almost three years in four different countries to finish the job and it turned out totally different than expected. It may be a bastard, but it ́s our bastard. This album is a stimulated journey to the place where anomalies can happen.”
In the end it’s all about feelings, deep weird feelings. Whatever you hide, this is for you.

Following the album release, the duo will be heading on a tour in Finland.

25.01. Jyväskylä, Garagefest
26.01. Joensuu, Garagefest
31.01.Tampere, Klubi w. Jaakko Eino Kalevi
01.02. Lahti, Torvi
02.02. Lahti, Torvi
15.02. Oulu, 45 Special
22.02. Seinäjoki, Bar 15
23.02. Helsinki, Bar Loose
15.03. Turku, Baaribaari
16.03. Kokemäki, Olkkari