Debut single by Jaakko Aukusti out now!

Introducing Jaakko Aukusti with his debut single, Shadow Boxer! Jaakko Aukusti is a musician from Turku who makes strange, childlike and exceptionally ambitious pop music. His ability is to make catchy and easy-listening pop without sounding catchy and easy.

Shadow Boxer is a three-minute pop music thesis on frustration and general laziness seen through a hopeful thinking-tinted lens. It’s written about the days when you’re just busy and occupied all the time and can’t find a single moment to breathe. It’s about trying to fulfill the expectations and assumptions people have about you and feeling the constant need to make the most out of your time. Eventually you’ll just end up sitting on your apartment floor and watching all the deadlines and unfinished projects float on by. The song’s out of breath-atmosphere and the 7/4 clicking percussions try to paint a picture of actively deciding to do absolutely nothing.

You can buy and stream Shadow Boxer here:

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Shadow Boxer cover art by Otto Piispanen