Jaakko Aukusti joins Alt Agency!

Photo by Stone Films
Photo by Stone Films

We are happy to announce that Jaakko Aukusti will be joining Alt Agency. Jaakko Aukusti’s new booking agent is Marko Nikula, who also works for Yakuzi Pato, Risto, Sara and Freeweights.

Marko Nikula
marko (a) altagency.fi
Alt Agency

Jaakko Aukusti is currently working on his debut album, with the art pop wizard Artturi Taira from Rubik. Jaakko Aukusti’s music is full of colorful arrangements and unconventional song structures. Jaakko Aukusti’s latest single, Himalaya, was released March 4th and the single caught¬†attention from e.g. The Line Of Best Fit and Clash Magazine.