Koria Kitten Riot releases new single The Laughing Man

We are happy to announce that Koria Kitten Riot will be joining VILD Recordings and their new single ‘The Laughing Man’ is released today.

The Laughing Man is a song about envy. It’s about that one supreme guy who always succeeds wherever you fail, the one who never grows old and is not afraid of anything. Musically, it’s a short and simple, to-the-point pop song – and as such, a rather typical specimen of the whole new album.” explains Antti Reikko.

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The Laughing Man is taken from the band’s upcoming fourth album, due to be released later this year.

Based in Helsinki, the indie rock band have tie-dyed their guitar pop sound with a 60s folk rock flavour and good-old-fashioned harmony singing. With its lyrics traveling between planets throughout the universe, the album’s themes are intertwined with hope and science.

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Koria_Kitten_Riot_2016_square_BW by Otso Reunanen
Photo by Otso Reunanen