Koria Kitten Riot releases their new album “Songs of Hope and Science” today!


A Helsinki based indie rock band Koria Kitten Riot releases their fourth album Songs of Hope and Science today on the 27th of January 2017 via VILD Recordigs. On their new album, the band have tie-dyed their guitar pop sound with a 60s folk rock flavour and good-old-fashioned harmony singing. With its lyrics traveling between planets throughout the universe, the album’s themes are intertwined with hope and science.

Songs of Hope and Science was in the making for a long time. At the end of 2016, it’s very obvious how strange and scary the world situation has become – but all the signs already seemed to be there a few years ago, as the first songs for the album were starting to take shape. The whole band was also going through some difficult times on a personal level.

“I wanted to make music that would give hope, as hope was what I longed for myself. I am not religious. Instead, I read a couple of books on string theory and watched documentary films on quantum physics and space. I found our lack of knowledge about the universe comforting. Science became another key theme for the album, alongside hope,” Antti Reikko, the vocalist-guitar-player of Koria Kitten Riot, describes.

The album is produced by the band itself. The basics, the drum and bass tracks, were recorded at the Radio Buellebrueck Studios in Berlin. The rest of the album was done in Finland, mostly at a log cabin by a small pond. The songs were mixed in Munich at the home studio of Reikko’s friend Nico. “I take pride in many things, practically at every step of the way of production. We went through a ridiculous amount of trouble – I remember having re-recorded some guitar bits as many as six times: every time, the old tracks would start to sound wrong after a week or so. I personally most often find myself reminiscing our vocal sessions though – me, Lasse and Teemu sang all the main and backing vocals at once by the three of us, over the course of a summer. Singing together took a massive amount of effort and concentration, but very much seemed to give the album a special finishing touch,” Reikko tells.

Koria_Kitten_Riot_2016_square_BW by Otso Reunanen

Koria Kitten Riot are a Finnish Helsinki based indie rock band. During the release of their first two albums, the moniker was mainly a solo output for the singer-songwriter Antti Reikko but on the last two albums Koria Kitten Riot has been a full-fledged band of five people; Antti Reikko (vocals / guitar), Lasse Toimi (bass guitar / vocals), Teemu Vänskä (keyboards / vocals), Olli Rahkonen (guitar) and Eino Anttila (drums). The band have toured their native country as well as Germany – having also recorded their previous two albums mostly in Berlin. Their sound is a combination of indie rock, singer-songwriter Americana and psychedelia.

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