New single by Valtter Vin out now!

Valtter Vin has a brand new single out! Song is called Päiväuni and you can watch video for it below

Päiväuni is a playful pop track and it tells about the “goldilocks” that Valtter meets in lucid dream world during his daydreaming times. Valtter is having the time of his life in these daydreams, but do not actually know with who he is flying and hanging around with, so he can not find the “goldilocks” outside the dreams. This song is about longing for the moments you can not get back and the memories that grow sweeter with time. Päiväuni is a single release from Valtter Vin’s debut album (S/T), which will be released on Vild Recordings at 15.5.2015

You can buy and stream Päiväuni here:

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Promo_MG_9888                                          Photo: Aino Mättö