Phantom – Promo kit

Phantom – Promo kit
Phantom promo pic : Over cover art by Tekla Vály
Photo by Tekla Vály

“I feel like I’ve been hugged by the sky.” – Edith Bowman on ‘Kisses‘ in the BBC1 Review Show

“A great band we’d like to describe as the Finnish Portishead.”– Chris Hawkins BBC6

“Sure, this probably deserves some kind of micro-genre, but we’re just going to call it
what it is—impossibly cool.” – Under The Radar

“Wave jamming, brainwave activating chill out, left field, downtempo electronic music!”
– Magnetic Magazine

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Martin Linnankoski
+358 45 634 6656
VILD Recordings/VILD Management

Valter Filosof
+358 400 366 585
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