Phantom’s “MMXII” is out internationally today!

Phantom - MMXII / VILD032

Helsinki based electro-pop duo Phantom releases their debut album, MMXII, internationally on the 24th of February 2017.

MMXII is a report letter from aliens to Earth. It’s a reflection of the era, of a ten-thousand-year puberty of the human mind. It’s a process of balancing love and letting go, of the ability to response and the ability to impulse through the heart’s eye. This album is the love child of two lovers of art, technology, literature, music and nature, and a fruit of love of living this life, for better and for worse. This is dedicated to all the heart-wrenching horrors, thrills, disappointments, ecstatic joy, love and excitement we’ve faced, to all of what we’ve left behind and all of what we’ve got yet to face, to the deaths and births, to the heartbreaks and pieces mend together after being torn into pieces. This is for it all. Us. Being boldly vulnerable, open and epically honest, letting life happen. Forever onwards, and into the fragility of being human in this huge retrospective of star stuff. Nothing more, nothing less.

Phantom 2 by Andre Pozusis net

”A little bit of the Knife, a smattering of Björk and enough eerie ambience to leave you thoroughly entranced.”
– Drowned in Sound

“A great duo that we like to describe as the Finnish Portishead.”
– Chris Hawkins, BBC6 Radio

”There’s a lot to love about formally trained jazz singer Hanna Toivonen and beat-maker Tommi Koskinen, not least their ability to turn creeping, nocturnal electronica that could be coolly standoffish in lesser hands, into big, heartfelt ballads you want tocurl up and cry in.”
– The Guardian

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