Sätilä releases his debut single “Always Will” today

Cover Art by Joonas Tsokkinen

VILD Recordings’ new folk pop artist, Sätilä, releases his first official single Always Will on March 10th 2017 via VILD Recordings.

The Finnish singer-songwriter Teemu Sätilä combines alternative and folk rock with catchy melodies creating a danceable balance between melancholic reflection and hopefulness. Currently based in the southern city of Turku, Finland, Sätilä started writing songs at the age of 7 after learning the piano. After studying songwriting in Sydney, Australia and returning to Finland, Sätilä released his anthemic debut single Future Now in June 2015. The independently released single was noticed by YleX (Finnish equivalent of BBC Radio 1) and Spotify Finland as well as Spotify Sweden.

Always Will is about the transition when you finally get to move on in life. You long for new opportunities and people while still appreciating where you are coming from with a bit of nostalgia.

For a long time I felt uneasy when people asked me where I’m from. We moved quite a bit in my childhood because of my mother’s work so I never kind of put my roots down. After moving to Turku, where my mother was born, I felt like I had returned to my roots. Maybe it’s because we’ve always had relatives there and I’ve made so many great friends,” the singer-songwriter Teemu Sätilä describes.

Sätilä 1 by Ashley Schulman
Photo by Ashley Schulman

The track also features a music video. “I had the amazing privilege to have Markus Kontiainen direct and film the music video for the track. He is such a talented storyteller and has done great work for Finnish companies such as Finnair and Marimekko as well as filming videos for the Finnish band Lake Jons. It was so cold but a lot of fun. We started the two-day shootings with sauna, of course,” Teemu Sätilä describes the session. The music video for Always Will will be released on March 17th.

10.03.2017 Baari, Turku / FI