Sofa Pets release their debut EP!

Sofa Pets (S/T) is the first release of the Helsinki based band Sofa Pets. VILD Recordings is releasing the EP digitally worldwide today, on February 18th, and later on on C-cassette.

Sofa Pets recently shared a new music video for their first single release (Awesome Time Apart) from the EP. The video is directed by Raimo Saba from Cocoa.

Sofa Pets (S/T) is a result of a group of friends spending time at each others places and playing music. Without understanding it first, their aim was to capture something emotive and exciting. Something that expresses their feelings about life with a sincere voice.

The EP underlines what a colorful and close-knit unit the band really is. Evocative melodies, layered instrumentation and diverse rhythm section are all driven by the same goal; to create an atmospheric space around the songs. Songs about relationships and daydreaming – subjects that keep these guys going on strong.

You can buy and listen Sofa Pets here:
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