Valtter Vin’s debut album out now!

We are happy to announce that debut album by Valtter Vin is out today! The album tells about Finland-Swedish young man, who lives in lucid dreams. Valtter Vin has grown up to the difference and his own dreamworld is the only place, where he feels like being at home. Valtter Vin’s debut album is a chaotic and beautiful, escapistic, bereft and hopeful work. It’s about awakening and dreaming, living in nightmares and daydreams, escaping from anxiety and depression, love and death. Valtter Vin’s debut album (S/T) is released on Vild Recordings at 15.5.2015 and is also available on super-limited vinyl edition.

You can listen album here:
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Photo: Aino Mättö
Photo: Aino Mättö