Van Dammes – Better Than Sex – EP out now!

Better Than Sex, the second EP by Van Dammes, is released digitally worldwide on VILD Recordings today on February 26th. This brief but loud four-song recording was taped in the Finnish capital at the same place where The Ramones performed already in the 1970’s. It is impossible not to hear that fact when listening to this upbeat work of art.

Better Than Sex can be bought/streamed from the following services:

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At first, the record drops you down from an aeroplane exploding in 10,000 metres with the heroine air hostess Vesna Vulović. Next, it survives the sinking of three ocean liners (Titanic, Empress of Ireland, Lusitania) beside a mysterious stoker Frank Tower. In addition on this fuzzy trip of Van Dammes, you’ll end up dodging bullets of the police, and finally, getting all the best girls because that’s what the guys in the band get.

The lead single, Vesna (Flash in the Night), has already got the attention of some quality music blogs and radio stations. Also, the aviation news site of the former Yugoslavia got excited about the aeronautical theme of the single and its official music video.

Band’s debut, The VD EP, was released in April 2014, and it was followed by a short but turbulent tour. The release gained airplay on popular Finnish radio stations YleX and Radio Helsinki. It was also critically acclaimed in Danish, British, Canadian, Australian, American and Dutch reviews.