View: “Trippin’ Sober” Music Video out now!

We are proud to present the official music video for View’s recently released single Trippin’ Sober. It is the second single release from View’s forthcoming debut album. You can watch the video below.

The song is a description of the creative atmosphere that View has working in studio, and at the same time a statement against artists who can’t reach a creative state of mind without the help of intoxicants.

The music video for Trippin’ Sober was filmed in a Parisian suburb. “Local drug dealers interrupted our filming on many occasions. They told us that filming at the location was simply not all right. Of course at first we didn’t listen to them, but by the third time they came to tell us these guys had become so intimidating that we really had no choice but to say ok”, View says.

The video was directed by Matti Vesanen from Veli Creative.

View’s music is all about breaking traditional rules and patterns. View’s unique vocals and futuristic production sum up to a recognizable and fresh take on what hiphop sounds like on 2017. View was picked 2nd in “Future Dozen 2016” poll operated by big Finnish music media Rumba and YleX. Since he started doing concerts in early 2016 View has been performing in the UK, Denmark and Germany. In Finland the rapper has performed at almost all the big summer festivals such as Flow, Ruisrock, Blockfest and Provinssirock. View also recently signed a record deal with German Cargo Records, who will release the forthcoming album in the German-speaking Europe and the Benelux countries.

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