White Balance unveils their sugar-sweet single ‘Hunter’

Cover Art by Juho Länsiharju
Cover Art by Juho Länsiharju

Helsinki-based duo White Balance offer up their latest slice of sugar-sweet electro pop in their new single ‘Hunter’, where ‘danceable, pulsating beats meet comforting vocals and dreamy melodies’. The track has already been featured by The 405 and London In Stereo.

A beautifully affirming track about “those lonely nights when you feel like your own thoughts become your worst enemies; when you just want to sleep but your mind won’t leave you alone”, its gentle beats and soporific vocals lend ‘Hunter’ a lullaby quality, with singer Maaria Nuoranne softly repeating that “You’ve got your ghosts, but you’re never alone.”

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Set to be accompanied with a video directed by close friend, Juho Länsiharju, the narrative paints a picture of four Finnish men, each one struggling with their own problems and trying to solve them; believing they are the only ones suffering without knowing that they are not alone. The video perfectly flits between scenarios – each of the men in a room bathed in a different unnaturally coloured light and fighting their own demons – in a way that brings a touching depth to the relatable lyrics.

White Balance by Juho Länsiharju
White Balance by Juho Länsiharju

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